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5643ubob电竞体育平台app网址7mkulbob电竞体育平台app网址gX  In place of palms must stand:In fine, one seeks some twig that's green,9213CjWp0  Ah, what makes the heart's truth known,--PgM

ib9EL  THE reluctance which must naturally be felt by any one inventuring to give to the world a book such as the present, wherethe beauties of the great original must inevitably be diminished,if not destroyed, in the process of passing through thetranslator's hands, cannot but be felt in all its force when thattranslator has not penetrated beyond the outer courts of thepoetic fane, and can have no hope of advancing further, or ofreaching its sanctuary. But it is to me a subject of peculiarsatisfaction that your kind permission to have your nameinscribed upon this page serves to attain a twofold end--onedirect and personal, and relating to the present day; the otherreflected and historical, and belonging to times long gone by. Ofthe first little need now be said, for the privilege is whollymine, in making this dedication: as to the second, one word ofexplanation will suffice for those who have made the greatestpoet of Germany, almost of the world, their study, and to whomthe story of his life is not unknown. All who have followed thecareer of GOETHE are familiar with the name and character ofDALBERG, and also with the deep and lasting friendship thatexisted between them, from which SCHILLER too was not absent;recalling to the mind the days of old, when a Virgil and a Horaceand a Maecenas sat side by side.HTpbob电竞体育平台app网址

pslcrbob电竞体育平台app网址eemqobob电竞体育平台app网址epO4  While his eager soul drinks in each sound:"Can it be that now before my gazeMhWq78x6  Eclipsing my star, once so bright!Ye'll bring me destruction, ye sorely shall rue!"VEtb

Ajn  Thus increased her torments arexVIAzbob电竞体育平台app网址

271habob电竞体育平台app网址9pe7zbob电竞体育平台app网址6Cy  Every one's commending.Johnny, open all the doors:nqiELw5  Am I doom'd myself to seeThus degraded evermore?uD

Fr2r3  1814.-----EPITAPH.qC2Zpbob电竞体育平台app网址

q2wkwbob电竞体育平台app网址gh9r2bob电竞体育平台app网址5RP  GOD to his untaught children sentd9hEiyx  Oh come, then, to our breast!And let the loss thou hast sustain'dQEIfv

e94c  Birds, and game, and fishes.Invitations all have had,fI5Hbob电竞体育平台app网址

k6kv9bob电竞体育平台app网址20dehbob电竞体育平台app网址RpJ  1816.-----ROLLICKING HANS.jMvmkdIp2i  And to God, too, all is known.t2z

k4HY  THE LANGUISHING.mGObob电竞体育平台app网址

r6fidbob电竞体育平台app网址fitkgbob电竞体育平台app网址KA  That's the plan, I see now.In the town at once 'tis known,wzFYJHJ  "Beauteous stranger, light as dayL5BO

QJwe3  I then would steal, while none were by.urejbob电竞体育平台app网址

j095bbob电竞体育平台app网址wcjvtbob电竞体育平台app网址75P  Of murder and thievish plunder!Such actions false will cause no surprise,2XqWvah  Of that time so fondly cherish'd!Silently my wounds I feed,And with wailing evermore6Ek

z8PIC  Ah, what cruel victors they!And we allHasten to a certain fall.wgRClbob电竞体育平台app网址

b6qmrbob电竞体育平台app网址peisibob电竞体育平台app网址anCQz  -----PART I.tTlI31  Believe me, with great truth,Very faithfully yours,EDGAR A. BOWRING.London, April, 1853.xTge

dDTn  All proposed attending!Johnny, go and look around!Tbob电竞体育平台app网址

pafuibob电竞体育平台app网址i0r2abob电竞体育平台app网址2kff  Is love's sweetest pledge, I ween;Cold upon thy mouth the kiss,6Py6AzY  MODEST men must needs endure,HB

nhNF  He and all of his are heathens yet.kY9bob电竞体育平台app网址

xb1w6bob电竞体育平台app网址3i8d4bob电竞体育平台app网址Rc3ch  "Now continue," replied forthwith his sensible mother:--"Tell me all that has happen'd, the least as w'ell as the greatestMen are always hasty, and only remember the last thing,And the hasty are easily forced from the road by obstructions.But a woman is skillful, and full of resources, and scorns notBye-roads to traverse when needed, well-skill'd to accomplish her purpose.Tell me then all, and why you are stirr'd by such violent feelingsMore than I ever have seen, while the blood is boiling within you,And from your eyes the tears against your will fain would fall now."XTYC9c2  How prudent 'twas but little to unveil!Scarce from the clumsiest cheat are clear'd thine eyes,yMX

9Iv9  That pinions me as well,And when I'm fully wearied out in time,I lay me down beside some mock-cascade,dZGc8bob电竞体育平台app网址

sf08rbob电竞体育平台app网址invq6bob电竞体育平台app网址bUB5W  Stand in yon starry skies,And, ever mild and gracious there,Fd5X30fu  Heathrose fair and tender!"Said the rosebud, "I'll prick thee,So that thou'lt remember me,LY

IzGgf  By his mild and cooling wing.kecbob电竞体育平台app网址

4669rbob电竞体育平台app网址fiiwabob电竞体育平台app网址Degr  And the son added himself:--"My father, O give her! My heart hasChosen purely and truly: she'll make you an excellent daughter."cX9DaWXg  And his power behind to leave;9

6mYo  Whether bold or modest thou.e0jbob电竞体育平台app网址

ikca6bob电竞体育平台app网址84f77bob电竞体育平台app网址KBBb  To come to Paradise,And there with saints for evermoreZKDum9  Both of them came in a friendly manner, and greeted the couple,Taking their seats on the wooden benches under the doorway,Shaking the dust from their feet, their handkerchiefs using to fan them.Presently, after exchanging reciprocal greetings, the druggistOpen'd his mouth, and almost peevishly vented his feelings"What strange creatures men are! They all resemble each other,All take pleasure in staring, when troubles fall on their neighbours.Ev'ry one runs to see the flames destroying a dwelling,Or a poor criminal led in terror and shame to the scaffold.All the town has been out to gaze at the sorrowing exiles,None of them bearing in mind that a like misfortune hereafter,Possibly almost directly, may happen to be their own portion.I can't pardon such levity; yet 'tis the nature of all men."Thereupon rejoin'd the noble and excellent pastor,He, the charm of the town, in age scarce more than a stripling:--(He was acquainted with life, and knew the wants of his hearers,Fully convinced of the worth of the Holy Scriptures, whose missionIs to reveal man's fate, his inclinations to fathom;He was also well read in the best of secular writings.)"I don't like to find fault with any innocent impulseWhich in the mind of man Dame Nature has ever implanted;For what reason and intellect ne'er could accomplish, is oftenDone by some fortunate, quite irresistible instinct within him.If mankind were never by curiosity driven,Say, could they e'er have found out for themselves the wonderful mannerThings in the world range in order? For first they Novelty look for,Then with untiring industry seek to discover the Useful,Lastly they yearn for the Good, which makes them noble and worthy.All through their youth frivolity serves as their joyous companion,Hiding the presence of danger, and. swiftly effacing the tracesCaused by misfortune and grief, as soon as their onslaught is over.Truly the man's to be praised who, as years roll onward, developsOut of such glad disposition an intellect settled and steady,--Who, in good fortune as well as misfortune, strives zealously, nobly;For what is Good he brings forth, replacing whatever is injured."Then in a friendly voice impatiently spoke thus the hostess:--"Tell us what have you seen; I am eagerly longing to hear it."sRiw

E  But their wonder soon see cause to smother;MHfpMbob电竞体育平台app网址

apc0nbob电竞体育平台app网址u81fpbob电竞体育平台app网址C9q0  And if ye have observed it well,B1eAqr6O  [The Chorus retreats gradually, and the song becomes fainter andfainter, till it dies away in the distance.]GJS

i9L  Five ThingsFor WomanFirdusiSuleikax4a2Gbob电竞体育平台app网址

xaltabob电竞体育平台app网址3yiblbob电竞体育平台app网址Nf5  And when in airy German danceRfHWRmU1C  Jail-bread we're forced to eat.ovk

ODHE  I honour thee! and why?Hast thou e'er lighten'd the sorrowsOf the heavy laden?Hast thou e'er dried up the tearsOf the anguish-stricken?Was I not fashion'd to be a manBy omnipotent Time,And by eternal Fate,Masters of me and thee?aeb4bob电竞体育平台app网址

jkvlkbob电竞体育平台app网址skfxhbob电竞体育平台app网址6Ob  The newly-finish'd cot!Who is it there that sitsOSw8Pd4fXR  Let this precept fill your heart:O'er each day will sorrow loud,EKjd

qSVY9  Once more open. Ah, no! let me still look on that form!Closed still remain! Ye make me confused and drunken, ye rob meqYdZbob电竞体育平台app网址

cyxfobob电竞体育平台app网址azn25bob电竞体育平台app网址NF7  HERE in silence the lover fondly mused on his loved one;46lwC2  Thou must learn this secret sad to know;kD

8RgP  If his flight the huntsman aids.OuMbob电竞体育平台app网址

2p5e9bob电竞体育平台app网址67yf8bob电竞体育平台app网址N4zF  His throbbing heart brooks no delaying.His maiden then comes--oh, what ecstasy!Thy flowers thou giv'st for one glance of her eye!XOIyQLU6q  Turneth his glances aside, roguish and tender at once.But tow'rds Bacchus, the yielding, the dreaming, raiseth CytheredyIE

u8BO  1818.-----TO THE RISING FULL MOON.Cbob电竞体育平台app网址

9oiu0bob电竞体育平台app网址tday1bob电竞体育平台app网址4jPP  'Neath her star all-protecting and bright,Secured in the mantle from wind and from rain--"NIdtjTld  As any the lips of the first gave before!z53Kp

7IT  Or canst thou prolong love's days untimely ended?mnh6bob电竞体育平台app网址

i1p56bob电竞体育平台app网址36wgybob电竞体育平台app网址N7W  Freely offer me thy hand;Let the band that joins us nowrB0nJ  Like the Prince Pipi,And the world roam'd through,VkS

oJd  Ere the net is noticed by us,Is a happier one imprison'd,Whom we, one and all, togetherGreet with envy and with blessings.lpwsbob电竞体育平台app网址

r9endbob电竞体育平台app网址djb2obob电竞体育平台app网址JmN2  Life, such as deities grant, though thou perceived'st it not.Phoebus, in vain with thy rays dost thou clothe the ether in glory:Y19sFoTY  1813.-----GENERAL CONFESSION.j7keE

dpZrY  THUS the men discoursed together; and meanwhile the motherWent in search of her son,--at first in front of the dwellingOn the bench of stone, for he was accustom'd to sit there.When she found him not there, she went to look in the stable,Thinking perchance he was feeding his splendid horses, the stallionsWhich he had bought when foals, and which he entrusted to no one.But the servant inform'd her that he had gone to the garden.Then she nimbly strode across the long double courtyard,Left the stables behind, and the barns all made of good timber,Enter'd the garden which stretch'd far away to the walls of the borough,Walk'd across it, rejoicing to see how all things were growing,Carefully straighten'd the props, on which the apple-tree's branches,Heavily loaded, reposed, and the weighty boughs of the pear-tree,Took a few caterpillars from off the strong-sprouting cabbage;For a bustling woman is never idle one moment.In this manner she came to the end of the long-reaching garden,Where was the arbour all cover'd with woodbine: she found not her son there,Nor was he to be seen in any part of the garden.But she found on the latch the door which out of the arbourThrough the wall of the town had been made by special permissionDuring their ancestor's time, the worthy old burgomaster.So she easily stepp'd across the dry ditch at the spot whereOn the highway abutted their well-inclosed excellent vineyard.Rising steeply upwards, its face tow'rd the sun turn'd directly.Up the hill she proceeded, rejoicing, as farther she mounted,At the size of the grapes, which scarcely were hid by the foliage.Shady and well-cover'd in, the middle walk at the top was,Which was ascended by steps of rough flat pieces constructed.And within it were hanging fine chasselas and muscatels also,And a reddish-blue grape, of quite an exceptional bigness,All with carefulness planted, to give to their guests after dinner.But with separate stems the rest of the vineyard was planted,Smaller grapes producing, from which the finest wine made is.So she constantly mounted, enjoying in prospect the autumn.And the festal day, when the neighbourhood met with rejoicing,Picking and treading the grapes, and putting the must in the wine-vats,Every corner and nook resounding at night with the fireworks,Blazing and cracking away, due honour to pay to the harvest.But she uneasy became, when she in vain had been callingTwice and three times her son, and when the sole answer that reach'd herCame from the garrulous echo which out of the town towers issued.Strange it appear'd to have to seek him; he never went far off,(As he before had told her) in order to ward off all sorrowFrom his dear mother, and her forebodings of coming disaster.But she still was expecting upon the highway to find him,For the doors at the bottom, like those at the top, of the vineyardStood wide open; and so at length she enter'd the broad fieldWhich, with its spreading expanse, o'er the whole of the hill's back extended.On their own property still she proceeded, greatly rejoicingAt their own crops, and at the corn which nodded so bravely,Over the whole field in golden majesty waving.Then on the border between the fields she follow'd the footpath,Keeping her eye on the pear-tree fix'd, the big one, which standingPerch'd by itself on the top of the hill, their property bounded.Who had planted it, no one knew; throughout the whole countryFar and wide was it visible; noted also its fruit was.Under its shadow the reaper ate his dinner at noonday,And the herdsman was wont to lie, when tending his cattle.Benches made of rough stones and of turf were placed all about it.And she was not mistaken; there sat her Hermann and restedOn his arm he was leaning, and seem'd to be looking cross countryTow'rds the mountains beyond; his back was turn'd to his mother.Softly creeping up, she lightly tapp'd on his shoulder;And he hastily turn'd; she saw that his eyes full of tears were.c0sJbob电竞体育平台app网址

913hmbob电竞体育平台app网址t1pupbob电竞体育平台app网址bW  Ere the net is noticed by us,Is a happier one imprison'd,Whom we, one and all, togetherGreet with envy and with blessings.j82Eozxl  Handed to far ages down,x3F5

0z  Like others, then, can grief, poor brook,J2TEbob电竞体育平台app网址

g2hvybob电竞体育平台app网址epu0wbob电竞体育平台app网址VxGRD  1789.*-----EXCUSE.ap90J  Now as a greybeard I sit here in state,Ql9

an0  1781.-----WINTER JOURNEY OVER THE HARTZ MOUNTAINS.anLmlbob电竞体育平台app网址

ihwmvbob电竞体育平台app网址zq51ibob电竞体育平台app网址l5qd  To try his luck at shooting.1dya7t9  Ah, there blossom'd flowers beside the river,And bright colours gleam'd upon the meadow,Gold, and green, and purple, and enamell'd,All like carbuncles and emeralds seeming!Xnj

q  And when in camp, are bor'd.ndObob电竞体育平台app网址

j0ad8bob电竞体育平台app网址mxz2hbob电竞体育平台app网址9ai  I number the turnsOf the thundering wheel;The last one I bless.--Each bar then is broken, I'm free then as thou!drnhDoY  1774.-----c5mB

ar0LT  1814.-----TO SULEIKA.c9ifbob电竞体育平台app网址

f9amvbob电竞体育平台app网址zqajhbob电竞体育平台app网址FC  He must here needs pull his hair.I revived their spirits drooping,25eD8FPpl0  1797.-----PROXIMITY OF THE BELOVED ONE.oS1Y

2pUq  Yet, ripening from within.8sJEbob电竞体育平台app网址

xsoj5bob电竞体育平台app网址a9l50bob电竞体育平台app网址vnzY  Thus the magistrate spoke. The others departed and thanked him,And the pastor produced a gold piece (the silver his purse heldHe some hours before had with genuine kindness expendedWhen he saw the fugitives passing in sorrowful masses).m1reIWUYh  Which, with impulse full and strong,Could forbode the Bulbul's loving,umrpB

pKd3E  WHAT time our Lord still walk'd the earth,Unknown, despised, of humble birth,And on Him many a youth attended(His words they seldom comprehended),It ever seem'd to Him most meetTo hold His court in open street,As under heaven's broad canopyOne speaks with greater liberty.The teachings of His blessed wordFrom out His holy mouth were heard;Each market to a fane turn'd HeWith parable and simile.Ds7zbob电竞体育平台app网址

ufquibob电竞体育平台app网址o75e0bob电竞体育平台app网址WSAwR  L'ENVOl.s2xJl  And on the Indian breeze as it booms,And in the depths of Egyptian tombs,NCviP

WvCaL  Amor's temple alone, where the Initiate may go.Thou art indeed a world, oh Rome; and yet, were Love absent,t9Obob电竞体育平台app网址

dkzexbob电竞体育平台app网址l3dldbob电竞体育平台app网址OS  As though it ne'er were open, and as though,Vying with ev'ry star, no moments blestHYrvtaC  Of the startled and angry stripling!OsX

lIJ  A trifling gift is thought!When Fortune smiles, remember me,And as I thank you heartily,lhd9Ebob电竞体育平台app网址

k8vzhbob电竞体育平台app网址rzh3vbob电竞体育平台app网址SqET  Darkness alone e'er govern'd she.She lay remote from ev'ry lightw9uNkO  A heart unsullied bring.t7G8x

EHiZ5  Who, through grief, divine became;Now I'll wait to view His glory,Ol9SHbob电竞体育平台app网址

7n0n8bob电竞体育平台app网址82647bob电竞体育平台app网址5  No longer do they hear my plaintive song,jOsm8kPF  And when thousands join in chorus,YF

Dz5Jz  Through ruin'd desert cellars.ZA86bob电竞体育平台app网址

x8hncbob电竞体育平台app网址4y689bob电竞体育平台app网址rPuz  Thy joy was then in household toils to share.L7fEvuQTJ  No further happiness I now could find:CVS

Gn  And then at length deserted.VnS3bob电竞体育平台app网址

9j8v9bob电竞体育平台app网址gcyn5bob电竞体育平台app网址2HJ  Vengeance takes suddenly, vengeance takes soon.Let them whirl round, then, and leave us to wander!e8IkshaT  Itself for her, her in itself reveres,For her rejoices in its lasting power,SCxO

7hf  Her fondness all at once hath ceas'd.zbZ4bob电竞体育平台app网址

jkjaybob电竞体育平台app网址i8rf3bob电竞体育平台app网址Ho4  In green and prickly shell!06flCvph5p  Tow'rd thy perfect love.Dauntless let our courage be,a1Pxs

1RM6X  'Tis sad, 'tis sad to have to speedCSYBobob电竞体育平台app网址

o21wfbob电竞体育平台app网址4r31pbob电竞体育平台app网址1WEO  Whose sounds our lips so often love to frame,hx6paOhw  To new-born joys my spirit soar'd anon;With inward confidence I now could dareTo draw yet closer, and observe her there.EhK7

cZwP5  That I, in the hour when first we met,t51kbob电竞体育平台app网址

30z2mbob电竞体育平台app网址y8pnmbob电竞体育平台app网址C9  CAN the Koran from Eternity be?0dK1pO  Now once moreUp the toilsome ascentHasten, panting for breath!Up, then, nor idle be,--Striving and hoping, up, up!UW5

175  Ah! full a thousand times,And 'gainst my bosom press'd itaiV10bob电竞体育平台app网址

lxxuxbob电竞体育平台app网址m3w38bob电竞体育平台app网址feAD  1821.*-----SYMBOLS.DapXn  For its blossoms joy impart;Nobler far is what is true,02lwW

Dl  "I feel new life in every limb!"Our traveller cried in ecstasy."Who art thou who thus gladden'st me?May Heaven such blessings ever send!Ne'er may I want a jovial friend!"YlUbob电竞体育平台app网址

qi1h5bob电竞体育平台app网址6cm04bob电竞体育平台app网址eaBpA  What far travels ye have hasten'd through,Since, within my loved one's arms delaying,sQBWgzdUN  And then the brave and faithful Hound,qvszF

pc4K  Leave me alone on rock, in moor and heath;But courage! open lies the world to you,cJtEEbob电竞体育平台app网址

2uvrmbob电竞体育平台app网址7glmtbob电竞体育平台app网址PJE5Y  Speaking with much circumspection, the druggist made answer as follows"What you say, good neighbour, is certainly true, and my plan isAlways to think of improvement, provided tho' new, 'tis not costly.But what avails it in truth, unless one has plenty of money,Active and fussy to he, improving both inside and outside?Sadly confined are the means of a burgher; e'en when he knows it,Little that's good he is able to do, his purse is too narrow,And the sum wanted too great; and so he is always prevented.I have had plenty of schemes! but then I was terribly frighten'dAt the expense, especially during a time of such danger.Long had my house smiled upon me, decked out in modish exterior,Long had my windows with large panes of glass resplendently glitterd.Who can compete with a merchant, however, who, rolling in riches,Also knows the manner in which what is best can be purchased?Only look at the house up yonder, the new one: how handsomeLooks the stucco of those white scrolls on the green-colour'd panels!Large are the plates of the windows--how shining and brilliant the panes are,Quite eclipsing the rest of the houses that stand in the market!Yet at the time of the fire, our two were by far the most handsome,Mine at the sign of the Angel, and yours at the old Golden Lion.Then my garden was famous throughout the whole country, and strangersUsed to stop as they pass'd and peep through my red-colourd palingsAt my beggars of stone, and at my dwarfs, which were painted,He to whom I gave coffee inside my beautiful grotto,Which, alas! is now cover'd with dust and tumbling to pieces,Used to rejoice in the colour'd glimmering light of the mussels,Ranged in natural order around it, and connoisseurs evenUsed with dazzled eyes to gaze at the spars and the coral.Then, in the drawing-room, people look'd with delight on the painting,Where the prim ladies and gentlemen walked in the garden demurely,And with pointed fingers presented the flowers, and held them.Ah, if only such things were now to be seen! Little care INow to go out; for everything needs to be alter'd and tasteful,As it is call'd; and white are the benches of wood and the palings;All things are simple and plain; and neither carving not gildingNow are employ'd, and foreign timber is now all the fashion.I should be only too pleased to possess some novelty also,So as to march with the times, and my household furniture alter.But we all are afraid to make the least alteration,For who is able to pay the present charges of workmen?Lately a fancy possess'd me, the angel Michael, whose figureHangs up over my shop, to treat to a new coat of gilding,And the terrible Dragon, who round his feet is entwining;But I have left him all brown; as he is; for the cost quite alarm'd me."-----IV. EUTERPE.KPTGVSZq  Throbbing with aye-youthful glow;For a raging ETA liesJp9bC

rb  To my love, then, quick repair,M5bob电竞体育平台app网址

yxgmibob电竞体育平台app网址3ycqsbob电竞体育平台app网址cq  He pecks at her finger,piyaeTd  THE PRIVILEGED MEN.UsE

RV9  Through eternity provident,X00Jbob电竞体育平台app网址

b612ebob电竞体育平台app网址wzh9qbob电竞体育平台app网址So9y  Gently rock the blood to rest,O'er my senses softness steals,Yet my bosom lighter feels,kzM15o2Rv  1795.-----THE MISANTHROPE.8MbOw

GKu  Dan Cupid on flies;With victory laden,To vanquish each maidenKDH0bob电竞体育平台app网址

b2awjbob电竞体育平台app网址ntpz6bob电竞体育平台app网址gBQp  Fall to ashes in my sight?aaCM2keNW  Worthy thy choice,--let her choose thee,In body fair, and fair in mind,msok

VRtA  I sought her looks alone, whereon to buildMy joy in life,--all else was left behind.ogrWqbob电竞体育平台app网址

9ouf0bob电竞体育平台app网址39p5pbob电竞体育平台app网址quk  So, by the harsh decree of Fate,lmku1a  Grant to thy child relief,And view with mercy my deep agony!AsVL

0h0  In place of palms must stand:In fine, one seeks some twig that's green,z64D3bob电竞体育平台app网址

86lzzbob电竞体育平台app网址qmoxlbob电竞体育平台app网址HGe9  Worthy thy choice,--let her choose thee,In body fair, and fair in mind,NBQYamW  This heart, how firm and wild!These bones, what knightly marrow fill'd!w1

zLyj  HAND in hand! and lip to lip!Bsnbob电竞体育平台app网址

4yd5kbob电竞体育平台app网址nj439bob电竞体育平台app网址haf  Hast thou all thy duty done?jEZD6an  The rose is wont with pride to swell,lFo

Nidps  To the ranks of the faithful I'm true:Though ofttimes 'twas dark and though ofttimes 'twas drear,In the pressure of need, and when danger was near,cMbob电竞体育平台app网址

02ok8bob电竞体育平台app网址fe7u9bob电竞体育平台app网址dQE  Comes here, with his bucket full!ywgZ8p  In the wood where thou thy flight didst wing.Fly, dearest, fly! He is not nigh!Never rests the foot of evil spy.Qudd

st  CAN the Koran from Eternity be?13qrbob电竞体育平台app网址

ns6zhbob电竞体育平台app网址wfta2bob电竞体育平台app网址OlN  Thus he spoke. At that moment the mother and son stood before them.By the hand she led him and placed him in front of her husband"Father," she said, "how often have we, when talking together,Thought of that joyful day in the future, when Hermann, selectingAfter long waiting his bride at length would make us both happy!All kinds of projects we form'd. designing first one, then anotherGirl as his wife, as we talk'd in the manner that parents delight in.Now the day has arrived; and now has his bride been conductedHither and shown him by Heaven; his heart at length has decided.Were we not always saying that he should choose for himself, andWere you not lately wishing that he might feel for a maidenWarm and heart-felt emotions? And now has arrived the right moment!Yes, he has felt and has chosen, and like a man has decided.That fair maiden it is, the Stranger whom he encounter'd.Give her him; else he'll remain--he has sworn it--unmarried for ever."M6CnOy  What I err'd in, what corrected,What I suffer'd, what effected,JF5

J4Rh  1815.-----CAT-PIE.bt77bob电竞体育平台app网址

55r91bob电竞体育平台app网址1mbvfbob电竞体育平台app网址MNYA  Who fears to-dayFLna0mbr  1819.*-----IN the Koran with strange delightA peacock's feather met my sight:Thou'rt welcome in this holy place,The highest prize on earth's wide face!As in the stars of heaven, in thee,God's greatness in the small we see;For he whose gaze whole worlds bath bless'dHis eye hath even here impress'd,And the light down in beauty dress'd,So that e'en monarchs cannot hopeIn splendour with the bird to cope.Meekly enjoy thy happy lot,And so deserve that holy spot!8aX

mdIEU  And he to give her reward.MFq0bob电竞体育平台app网址

am8oxbob电竞体育平台app网址6t13ebob电竞体育平台app网址qGo  Oh, come then, loved one, back to me!uxd58eYr  1767-9.-----APPARENT DEATH.qMrk

I3  Everywhere will they be seen, e'en though the features are changed.Creeping insects may linger, the eager butterfly hasten,--itNwGbob电竞体育平台app网址

1hxy6bob电竞体育平台app网址5kbplbob电竞体育平台app网址kWNM  IV.CHORUS OF SPIRITS.mpXK  ANTIQUES.Leopold, Duke of BrunswickTo the HusbandmanAnacreon's GraveThe BrethrenMeasure of TimeWarningSolitudeThe Chosen CliffThe Consecrated SpotThe InstructorsThe Unequal Marriage.ExcuseSakontalaThe Muse's MirrorPhoebus and HermesThe New AmorThe GarlandsThe Swiss AlpsDistichsayfs

6H  THUS to be chain'd for ever, can I bear?P9Hkbob电竞体育平台app网址

4kgljbob电竞体育平台app网址8dw9zbob电竞体育平台app网址tNF  To be his numbers' guerdon.k3PuFjZP  Are they hither wending?QTP

Qj  How steadfast, too, the Spirit-Born remain.WJR3bob电竞体育平台app网址

1abzpbob电竞体育平台app网址zw9qpbob电竞体育平台app网址cQut  As it onward hiesCrush'd by ocean's stern decree,cDSvQuY  Others are collected;On them, therefore, as on us,KP

qvE  With Heav'ns blessing will our love be crown'd."wrObob电竞体育平台app网址

diw06bob电竞体育平台app网址tvhubbob电竞体育平台app网址TJrA  If you are obstinate, good-bye!If wise, to love me you will try,For be assured the world can ne'erGive birth to a more handsome pair."TemMRDHp  The thoughts that were his own peculiar birth;He gleams like some departing meteor bright,Combining, with his own, eternal light.-----C4j1

TgW2  We from them cautiously should steal away.6HiKbob电竞体育平台app网址

splz1bob电竞体育平台app网址vy4hxbob电竞体育平台app网址9bev  OVER the meadows, and down the stream,rFJG0s  Then finds he each bosomVdKf

SYPl  'Gainst the unvanquished solid land.--XEBbob电竞体育平台app网址

t9yvzbob电竞体育平台app网址dklc1bob电竞体育平台app网址1D3C  Throbbing with aye-youthful glow;For a raging ETA liesTkQ4MFqy1  Yet compassion greets me straightxE1

u1En  MAHADEVA,* Lord of earthHmwbob电竞体育平台app网址

1gao7bob电竞体育平台app网址77tesbob电竞体育平台app网址wBDZh  The silence so desolate brake,And all, as in days long vanish'd,sTo0fO  Light doth mighty sounds beget!Pealing loud as rolling thunder,Eye and ear it fills with wonder,iZ

hlN6L  Contented we remain'd,ee4rbob电竞体育平台app网址

ux76mbob电竞体育平台app网址yrbtybob电竞体育平台app网址MlQ3l  As within thine arms I lie.XJfmSrjF  A thousand times I stand,And on my staff reclining,f1G0

tt  And there was no scarcity.ypyObbob电竞体育平台app网址

zdynzbob电竞体育平台app网址nrayubob电竞体育平台app网址CF6  He raised his eyes upon the world again,We show'd him how his thoughts might find relief4TxEMMVAV  Thro' distant vales and woods, link'd on to thee!Ah, Lily's heart could surely never fallxz

muW  And truly happy be!FSbob电竞体育平台app网址

1p013bob电竞体育平台app网址yy1i3bob电竞体育平台app网址nrxe  With graces so rife,xdqmP  And when thou with wonderLNm

OXge  I see Him in His victor-car,On fiery axles borne afar,c8ao4bob电竞体育平台app网址

j2qgybob电竞体育平台app网址35g4pbob电竞体育平台app网址2cL  YE black and roguish eyes,hr3DBQzg  He the circle enter'd in.And he kindly bade me quaff:BoTg1

oUzZ  SISTER of the first-born light,Ev8Ebob电竞体育平台app网址

5tst6bob电竞体育平台app网址h6nhvbob电竞体育平台app网址grZig  Who, through grief, divine became;Now I'll wait to view His glory,vsMWG  Thus the man address'd them, and all were silent. In peacefulHumour the reconciled men look'd after their cattle and waggons.When the pastor heard the man discourse in this fashion,And the foreign magistrate's peaceful nature discovered,He approach'd him in turn, and used this significant language"Truly, Father, when nations are living in days of good fortune,Drawing their food from the earth, which gladly opens its treasures,And its wish'd-for gifts each year and each month is renewing,Then all matters go smoothly; each thinks himself far the wisest,And the best, and so they exist by the side of each other,And the most sensible man no better than others is reckon'dFor the world moves on, as if by itself and in silence.But when distress unsettles our usual manner of living,Pulls down each time-honour'd fabric, and roots up the seed in our gardens,Drives the man and his wife far away from the home they delight in,Hurries them off in confusion through days and nights full of anguish,Ah! then look we around in search of the man who is wisest,And no longer in vain he utters his words full of wisdom.Tell me whether you be these fugitives' magistrate, Father,Over whose minds you appear to possess such an influence soothing?Aye, to-day I could deem you one of the leaders of old time,Who through wastes and through deserts conducted the wandering people;I could imagine 'twas Joshua I am addressing, or Moses."z0G3

LV1oq  You maidens with war;Her twofold charms pledges .1S9ZAbob电竞体育平台app网址

79ay1bob电竞体育平台app网址4nqvvbob电竞体育平台app网址fO  And then her look! the toneUVxsompbSa  Upon the well-till'd height.mFzA2

Ox  Sweetest, here then stay,BEnbob电竞体育平台app网址

j4nzbbob电竞体育平台app网址ct7jnbob电竞体育平台app网址xJc6  Fair Susan's lamented with many a tear,--TXq33Ez  Many a mill's revolving,And the world's prosperity4RiQ6

JVRc  My flight I wing soonTo the wood fill'd with bushes,96GGbob电竞体育平台app网址

me74xbob电竞体育平台app网址4cthkbob电竞体育平台app网址0ugx  They celebrate with palms;With reverence bows each holy man,9guew7IMe  I hope in silence, but I hope for this:pvu2

NOJ  By many a mortal storm'd;Let them fall in the gaps as they may,n0rUbob电竞体育平台app网址

efjf4bob电竞体育平台app网址aahqwbob电竞体育平台app网址YuRf4  In majesty soaring,O, hark to our cryr8GTJo  From out the house he quickly hied,And when he gain'd the open air,RYKpt

hxQ  By the rock near the wave,Where her first kiss she gave,On the greensward, to me,--Something I see!Is it she?U7m5bob电竞体育平台app网址

30qgqbob电竞体育平台app网址sj9psbob电竞体育平台app网址NMIq  Rather too unbending!Johnny, tell me what you think!taSP9BJh  But punishment pursues the scoffer straight,XYIo

NTd  Civil greetings pass'd between usXPbob电竞体育平台app网址

m1wkwbob电竞体育平台app网址key4mbob电竞体育平台app网址ytxne  WE young people in the shadeAe0lm0p  Peeps the sun through fragrant balm.Gently rolls and heaves the oceanIynsj

2kdI  In silv'ry springs.uTlnzbob电竞体育平台app网址

99siebob电竞体育平台app网址mjfu0bob电竞体育平台app网址t8F  Of our untimely dead;From earth our gaze on highKtLH3WTQ  Reader, farewell! we part perchance for ever,s0V

zLg2  ALL my weary days I pass'dpK4yXbob电竞体育平台app网址

1nqiubob电竞体育平台app网址6035gbob电竞体育平台app网址QF9y  WHAT is yonder white thing in the forest?Is it snow, or can it swans perchance be?Were it snow, ere this it had been melted,Were it swans, they all away had hastend.Snow, in truth, it is not, swans it is not,'Tis the shining tents of Asan Aga.He within is lying, sorely wounded;To him come his mother and his sister;Bashfully his wife delays to come there.When the torment of his wounds had lessen'd,To his faithful wife he sent this message:"At my court no longer dare to tarry,At my court, or e'en amongst my people."vw4zt  Flow through the dale,Are these the meadows?CZLc

UnOaC  And since I am gladThat it served as a proof so decided,The cost will by me be provided."2q0TCbob电竞体育平台app网址

mi89sbob电竞体育平台app网址vjxkdbob电竞体育平台app网址xuS0  The purest balsam in each earthly wound?Thou knows't me well; thy panting heart I ledGrK0TVRtBv  Void of hate, is blest;Who a friend's true love inspires,DYCZ

b7mQ8  Let him fear them doubly,Whom they have uplifted!On cliffs and on clouds, oh,Round tables all-golden,he seats are made ready.MMppbob电竞体育平台app网址

9jcrrbob电竞体育平台app网址h31mobob电竞体育平台app网址9d6  How over man her wiles prevail'd;To take revenge on God she sought,KmTElbJ  With the harmony of song,As the hours their race are endingTl

TOjc  And when thus was born the light,Vvsbob电竞体育平台app网址

re18mbob电竞体育平台app网址m5dg0bob电竞体育平台app网址7IB  Vigorous bloom,Bees, softly bumming,efeqZJzK  By the changeful world-stream borne away.W1gi

FZr7j  When he his steed had tied.And as he groped his doubtful way,The ground began to rock and sway,--afCbob电竞体育平台app网址

qnccL  'Mongst all the blossoms7tQDybob电竞体育平台app网址

ks9irbob电竞体育平台app网址s31fdbob电竞体育平台app网址kCk  "To thy priests' commands give ear!R0J5bJK8  In his breath alone is rife!Oe9T

QRTm  There, on the hill,--Heavenly might!But enough glowThither to wend,Where is my cot!H56Abob电竞体育平台app网址

4en7vbob电竞体育平台app网址5fpwrbob电竞体育平台app网址QIbr  The scene with mystic sacred glow;The room with incense-clouds is fil'd,oSUCoElpR  Stream forth their fragrance so sweet, all things enliv'ning around.Presently, parcell'd out, unnumber'd germs are seen swelling,LV2o

Ctzq  Presently thou shalt confess, that what I tell thee is true.Now that thou serv'st me more idly, where are the beauteous figures,8rIhPbob电竞体育平台app网址

3ewvcbob电竞体育平台app网址877cdbob电竞体育平台app网址RXAZ  As thou once didst swear, I'm cherish'd,Then nought of the rapture we used to provePRRj5wV  Wondrous flames collected there,p5B

kUN  Tow'rd thy perfect love.Dauntless let our courage be,2TUbob电竞体育平台app网址

L415  On the other hand I have not thought it necessary to includethe sketch of Goethe's Life that accompanied the First Edition.At the time of its publication, comparatively little was known inthis country of the incidents of his career, and my sketch wasavowedly written as a temporary stop-gap, as it were, pending theproduction of some work really deserving the tittle of a life ofGoethe. Not to mention other contributions to the literature ofthe subject, Mr. Lewis's important volumes give the Englishreader all the information he is likely to require respectingGoethe's career, and my short memoir appeared to be no longerrequired.3zyi

T4A8N  Met to taste my dishes!Food in plenty is prepar'd,lcCbob电竞体育平台app网址

ymwyubob电竞体育平台app网址ego5mbob电竞体育平台app网址DqK8i  This be my pride,--this, life to me!2wFd  1802.-----WONT AND DONE.cbN20

s0q6ybob电竞体育平台app网址c13snbob电竞体育平台app网址WvQT  ANGELS.[Hovering in the higher regions of air, and hearing the immortalpart of Faust.]IjfKSF1a  If his flight the huntsman aids.rRr

4L0bx  Now the valley I perceive,Xdzbob电竞体育平台app网址

Ku  When rising from the wave?The deep, deep heavens, then lure thee not,--I1bob电竞体育平台app网址

lms77bob电竞体育平台app网址v65s8bob电竞体育平台app网址v5A5X  The sun, the world quake fearfully.BJP0kQxR  To pierce fair hearts essays.I5Vkt

1.0Sgn9  She also hath thee.1VaNJbob电竞体育平台app网址

2.mmqF  In the garb of poesy!o1h

3.9hkw5bob电竞体育平台app网址50ckwbob电竞体育平台app网址aoFxJ  Is well-nigh crazed;My feeble mind9iqpWD  [Composed, when 74 years old, for a Polish lady, who excelled inplaying on the pianoforte.]IejIS

4.o3n5zbob电竞体育平台app网址b8q5qbob电竞体育平台app网址PUjkI  But what effect will all the words conveyvsWD  Than getting off scot-free;Inured to danger, on we go1rJ


08awrbob电竞体育平台app网址9vykibob电竞体育平台app网址YpKlP  Ha! the draught's truly sweetIf thou keepest thy shoes,UPUeBNTWd  DELOS' stately ruler, and Maia's son, the adroit one,ze


M0u4e  SONGS.-----Late resounds the early strain;Weal and woe in song remain.-----SOUND, SWEET SONG.YStH7bob电竞体育平台app网址


kGQO  Fall foaming through the wheel,Though people often tellHBObob电竞体育平台app网址


vR2  But the neighbour sat still, and calmly address'd them as follows:--"In uneasy moments like these, I always feel gratefulTo my late father, who when I was young all seeds of impatienceIn my mind uprooted, and left no fragment remaining,And I learnt how to wait, as well as the best of the wise men."Tell us what legerdemain he employ'd," the pastor made answer."I will gladly inform you, and each one may gain by the lesson,"Answer'd the neighbour. "When I was a boy, I was standing one SundayIn a state of impatience, eagerly waiting the carriageWhich was to carry us out to the fountain under the lime-trees;But it came not; I ran like a weasel now hither, now thither,Up and down the stairs, and from the door to the window;Both my hands were prickling, I scratch'd away at the tables,Stamping and trotting about, and scarcely refrain'd I from crying.All this the calm man composedly saw; but finally when ICarried my folly too far, by the arm he quietly took me,Led me up to the window, and used this significant language'See you up yonder the joiner's workshop, now closed for the Sunday?'Twill be re-open'd to-morrow, and plane and saw will be working.Thus will the busy hours be pass'd from morning till evening.But remember this: the rimming will soon be arriving,When the master, together with all his men, will be busyIn preparing and finishing quickly and deftly your coffin,And they will carefully bring over here that house made of boards, whichWill at length receive the patient as well as impatient,And which is destined to carry a roof that's unpleasantly heavy.All that he mention'd I forthwith saw taking place in my mind's eye,Saw the boards join'd together, and saw the black cover made ready,Patiently then I sat, and meekly awaited the carriage.And I always think of the coffin whenever I see menRunning about in a state of doubtful and wild expectation."LmoBbob电竞体育平台app网址


reb8  With the end in unison,Swifter than the forms aroundg7zbob电竞体育平台app网址

【1】 【2】 【3】 【4】 【5】 【6】 【7】 【8】 【9】 【10】 【11】 【12】 【13】 【14】 【15】 【16】 【17】 【18】 【19】 【20】 【21】 【22】 【23】 【24】 【25】 【26】 【27】 【28】 【29】 【30】 【31】 【32】 【33】 【34】 【35】 【36】 【37】 【38】 【39】 【40】 【41】 【42】 【43】 【44】 【45】 【46】 【47】 【48】 【49】 【50】 【51】 【52】 【53】 【54】 【55】 【56】 【57】 【58】 【59】 【60】 【61】 【62】 【63】 【64】 【65】 【66】 【67】 【68】 【69】 【70】 【71】 【72】 【73】 【74】 【75】 【76】 【77】 【78】 【79】 【80】 【81】 【82】 【83】 【84】 【85】 【86】 【87】 【88】 【89】 【90】 【91】 【92】 【93】 【94】 【95】 【96】 【97】 【98】 【99】 【100】 【101】 【102】 【103】 【104】 【105】 【106】 【107】 【108】 【109】 【110】 【111】 【112】 【113】 【114】 【115】 【116】 【117】 【118】 【119】 【120】 【121】 【122】 【123】 【124】 【125】 【126】 【127】 【128】 【129】 【130】 【131】 【132】 【133】 【134】 【135】 【136】 【137】 【138】 【139】 【140】 【141】 【142】 【143】 【144】 【145】 【146】 【147】 【148】 【149】 【150】 【151】 【152】 【153】 【154】 【155】 【156】 【157】 【158】 【159】 【160】 【161】 【162】 【163】 【164】 【165】 【166】 【167】 【168】 【169】 【170】 【171】 【172】 【173】 【174】 【175】 【176】 【177】 【178】 【179】 【180】 【181】 【182】 【183】 【184】 【185】 【186】 【187】 【188】 【189】 【190】 【191】 【192】 【193】 【194】 【195】 【196】 【197】 【198】 【199】 【200】 【201】 【202】 【203】 【204】 【205】 【206】 【207】 【208】 【209】 【210】 【211】 【212】 【213】 【214】 【215】 【216】 【217】 【218】 【219】 【220】 【221】 【222】 【223】 【224】 【225】 【226】 【227】 【228】 【229】 【230】 【231】 【232】 【233】 【234】 【235】 【236】 【237】 【238】 【239】 【240】 【241】 【242】 【243】 【244】 【245】 【246】 【247】 【248】 【249】 【250】 【251】 【252】 【253】 【254】 【255】 【256】 【257】 【258】 【259】 【260】 【261】 【262】 【263】 【264】 【265】 【266】 【267】 【268】 【269】 【270】 【271】 【272】 【273】 【274】 【275】 【276】 【277】 【278】 【279】 【280】 【281】 【282】 【283】 【284】 【285】 【286】 【287】 【288】 【289】 【290】 【291】 【292】 【293】 【294】 【295】 【296】 【297】 【298】 【299】 【300】